Hi! I'm Lionel Cloërec, "Lio"!
I'm an illustratorgraphic designer and video maker born in Belgium. If you wonder what the hell of a name I have, it's from French Brittany. 
I've studied Architecture and Graphic Arts in Tournai, Belgium.
That's where I live now.
Natural colors, urban mood, and strong characters are part of my interests. With a childhood drowned in Amblin productions, fantasy video games and sci-fi movies, my work is naturally impacted with a cinematographic sense of frame and light.
I'm co-founder of my own company, Mediakod, a digital web agency and its follow up WAAAW studio, a creative bureau in which I realize illustration, concept arts and video productions for entertainment projects and advertisings.
I also teach in the fine-arts Academy of my hometown where I love being in contact with new talents every year.
With all these activities, Oh wait, I'm also proud-dad of three marvellous childs actually, I don't post on the internet as much as I want. You can follow my work on my instagram anyway!
Wanna talk to me?!
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